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Dear Believer:


Would you like to play a game that will change your life for good?

There are many games that will make you enjoy your time. Games that will boost your confidence and make you proud of yourself. It is a healthy thing to play games. So I encourage you to keep enjoying your games. It is time to create so there is actually a different game and probably it might have occur to you. The game is about finding an answer. The answer must come from your heart and you have to be honest with yourself. It is all right to make mistake of not having the right answer in the beginning. Feel free to make changes as you go on with the game. But remember don't fear.

"Ok. Let's begin the game."

Due to the facility that coollist has we can actually share answers with each other and compare responses so please go to the coollist website  and login to jm5 mailing list. And sent an email with your response. It doesn't matter what your response might be the important thing is to participate.

Here is what the game is all about.


There is a person that was born in Bethlehem in country called ISRAEL. He was a person who live for approx. 33 years. His life made an impact to the whole world and affected history, present and future. His followers gave witness that he rose from the death at the third day just as he told them. Now you can find more information about him in a book call the Bible. Four of his followers wrote a biography of him. There are call. The gospel according Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Each one wrote a different version of what they saw Jesus doing during his time.

Game development

Now after telling you information about the main point of the game. Now let me tell you about the main element. It is very simple it is all about the person I been telling you about his name is Jesus of Nazareth. Now the game will be an answer that you will give according to what you think Jesus is. The game can last for all your life time. Make a folder and write Jesus Game. Grab a paper or if you use a computer make a file in note pad and write your entry daily. Remember that you can make a change to your daily entries as you feel like it, be yourself (creative). Let me give you some answer that you can use.

Eternal Life
Son of God
The Bread of Life
Living Water

Give as many answers as you can. But you must believe each answer you attribute to him. Warning: A positive or negative answer will result in your final destination of this game. But don't fear the result can be change whenever you want. If you decide that you don't like the final result. You can just believe and get to the one you want. It is never to late to make a U turn.

"You are ready to play!"

Answer the following question. Remember that there can be one or more answer.

Jesus is ______.

Thank you for playing. Your feedback for game improvement is welcome. Don't forget to pass it around and shared with your friends. Have fun.

Sincerely Yours,

Wilfredo Aguilar
Jm5 List Team
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