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Each week, as time allows, I will try to post the week's homework assignments.
Homework for the week of 9/6/00

Wednesday -
   Cover your math book.  Write your name on the binder edge in large, bold letters.  
    Bring an interesting rock to class.  Have your parents fill out yellow and blue cards.  
    Read for 25 minutes.

Thursday -
    Cover your social studies book.  As with the math book, write you name in large, bold letters on the binder edge.
    Cursive practice.  
    Read for 25 minutes.

                 Our Specialist's Schedule

Monday - Library (Mrs. Cooper)
Tuesday - Art - 1st and 3rd quarters   (Mrs. Coffin)
         Music - 2nd and 3rd quarters (Mrs. Lacasse)

Wednesday - Physical Education  (Mr. French)
         Sneakers and appropriate clothing recommended

Thursday - OUR LONG DAY!!

Friday -
         Art - 1st and 3rd quarters  
         Music - 2nd and 3rd quarters

                     Current Skills

Mathematics -
    Adding and subtracting with regrouping.  This is a review chapter and will be covered quickly.

Social Studies -
    New Hampshire History

Science -
    Earth Science

Language Arts -

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