jhe2nd Second Grade
Jeanette Hayes Elementary  
Second grade is hard at work for this last spurt of learing as our year together draws to a close.  Excitement is building as we eagerly anticipate our field trips on April 26 & 27 to Rotunda Theater to see "Sacramento Fifty"  based
on The Bremen Town Musicians, a story we read in our basal.  Also, AR will be winding up in May. Encourage your child to read and take tests to reach their goal set in the fall. 
(Remember, each of our weekly stories as well as the take home readers have AR tests.) Our students are making strides in mastering their addition and subtraction facts that are tested weekly in the Fast Facts program.  Thanks again for working with your child to ensure their success with these basic math skills.  We will culminate our year with a week of Camp Write-Along and fun letter writing, crafts, snacks, and maybe a story or two around the campfire!

Reading Stories:
Officer Buckle and Gloria
Tomas and the Library Lady
Princess Pooh
Swimmy Time for Kids: The World's Plants Are In Danger

Reading Skills:
Main Ideas
Multiple-Meaning Words
Figurative Language

Math and Problem Solving:
Introduction to Multiplication and Division
(repeated addition of equal groups and making equal groups for a given number)
Using Patterns and Pictures to Solve Problems
Deciding Which Operation to Use

Science/Social Studies:
Customs in Different Countries
Famous People
Life Cycles/Metamorphosis
Health Focus-Nutrition
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