jhe3rd Third Grade
Jeanette Hayes Elementary  
The third six weeks was a very busy time in third grade. We have been working hard! We studied our community of Katy and Houston in social studies. In science we learned animal classication, our favorite part was doing observation experiments with live earthworms. We have been practicing both standard and metric measurement and have enjoyed measuring everything in sight. The Metric Olympics was a real blast! Our study of Native American legends included some great activities. We learned about many of the North American tribes and had the opportunity to wrtie and act out our own legends. Some of us have a future in Hollywood! We are using many different types of elaboration as we write our narratives. Some students enjoyed using idioms in their stories.

During the fourth six weeks, third graders will begin using multiplication. Start practicing those facts! Our writing will take off in new directions as we begin writing "How To" papedrs. Hope the holiday break has left you well rested. If your New Year's Resolution was to become more involved in your child's classroom, now is the time! Every teacher appreciates all the help and support from our volunteers, especially as we prepare to represent the continent of Europe in our international celebration. What items and resources do you have to share?
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