jhe5 5th Grade
Jeanette Hayes Elementary Jeanette Hayes Elementary
Calendar of Events for 5th Grade
October 6,7,8  5th Grade SAT 9/OLSAT testing
October 18  Student Council Speeches
November 4  Choir to perform at the Katy Mills Mall

Calendar of Events for School Wide Activities
October 11  Student Holiday
October 12  Papa John's Pizza Night
October 13  School Store
October 21  James Coney Island Night
Early Dissmissal-12:40/Parent Conferences
October 25-29  Texas Red Ribbon Week
October 27  School Store
October 29  Second Six-weeks ends
November 1-5  Book Fair

The following is a list of topics that will be covered during the next 6 weeks of instruction:

Social Studies:
-Causes of the American Revolution
-Kids at Work
-How to Deal with Controversial Issues

-Heat Transfer
-Solar Energy
-Energy Resources

-Multiplication and Division
-Whole Numbers
-Powers of 10
-Divisibility Rules

Language Arts:
-Narrative text structure
-Story and Literary elements
-Facts/Details, Cause/Effect, Sequencing order
-Writing Process
-Elaboration using Dialogue
-Voice, Point of View
-Nouns/ Pronouns
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