jhech Challenge
Jeanette Hayes Elementary  
The theme for the 2000-2001 school year is PATTERNS.  Key concepts are:
1. Patterns take many man-made or natural forms.
2. Patterns are found everywhere
3. Patterns influence behavior.
4. Patterns allow for prediction.
5. Patterns may have symmetry.

Generalizations for the How Are You Smart? Unit are:
1. Thinking occurs on different levels from simple to complex.
2. Each side of the brain controls different operations.
3. People may be recognized as being gifted by exhibiting characteristics in one of more of the six basic patterns of giftedness.
4. Patterns in humor take many forms and influence behavior.

Generalizations for the Natural Extravaganzas Unit are:
1. Natural patterns of the ocean influence life in water and on land.
2. Behavioral patterns of man influence environmental patterns.
3. Natural patterns in the movements within the earth can be found everywhere.
4. Patterns in nature can have predictablility and symmetry.
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