jhekinder kindergarten
Jeanette Hayes Elementary  
Welcome to the kindergarten Quia home.  We are glad you chose to visit this site.

During the third six weeks of kindergarten, we will be working on the following skills:

Language Arts:
Recognizing the letters:  Ff,Rr,Pp,Ll,Uu, and th
Identifying letter sounds:  f, r, p, l, u and th
Sight words:  have, to, me, go, do

Constructing and interpreting graphs
Identifying sets (0-20)
Identifying more and less
Supplying misssing numbers on a number line

We are currently screening for our Challenge program.  Please remember that parent checklists are
due November 17.    
Please keep reviewing the letters and sounds and
sight words that we have introduced thus far.  Happy
Reading!  Thank you for your continued support!
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