jhsintech1 Neal
Johnson High School InTech Instructor
Congratulations to all the newly High School InTech Certified Teachers.  These teachers have now completed all the requirements for the High School InTech certification.  They include:

Sandy Bales                      Donna Conner
Christy Cantrell                  Judy Devenny
Bob Comley                       Glenda Martin
Eric Crisp                          Mary Ellen Perry
Doris Davidson                   Regina Sailors
Christie Garrett                  Barbara Saunders
Joe Hall                             Melissa Smith
David Hartis                       Jill Calvert
Marion Huff                        Gail Clark
Janice Johnson                   Cynthia Herndon
Linda Kay McKown             Marjorie Hinkley
Terry Miller                        Reid Houston
Joe Roark                         Michael Sanders
Vickie Tribble                    Pat Pruitt

Thanks to everyone for making the InTech Classes at Johnosn High School this year so much fun and exciting.  You all did a superior job with everything. 

Don't forget, I am always a phone call (or email) away if you need help or assistance with any instructional technology problem.  Thanks again!!


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