Span 1-2
Cactus Shadows HIgh School Spanish 1-2 / Spanish 3/4
My Quia activities and quizzes
adjectives -- Review of Level 1 (w.#'s)
Adjectives -- Simple Description of Things
Adjectives -- Simple Physical Characteristics
Adjectives to describe things/people SIMPLE
Adjectives used with ESTAR
Adjectives used with SER
Adjectives w/Estar (Basic)
AR verb endings (práctica)
-AR verbos (Span1)
-ar verbs - REPASO -- Span 1
1st year Spanish Phrses
2nd semester review -- ASD content
¿A dónde vas? - IR con ciudad vocab
Acabar de & Tener que
Basic Colors
Basic Professions
Capitals of the Spanish-speaking countries
Capítulo 5: Possessive Adjectives
Chp 4 -- ASD Food y Más
Classroom commands
Classroom Vocab -- Span 1/2 -
Common Greetings and Farewells
Contracciones al y del
Countries & Capitals -- hispanohablantes
Countries & Capitals (Países & Capitales)
Countries and Capitals
Courtesy -- Basic Expressions
Days of the Week in Expressions
Definite and Indefinite Articles
Definite and Indefinite Articles
El gerundio--PRES PROG Span 1-2
el verbo "IR"
-ER verbs (for Flipped lesson)
-ER verbs (span 1/2) Jacobson
ER-VERBS (Span 1/2 -- Jacobson)
Estar verb forms
Familia, Adjectivos, IR (chp 2)
Family -- Extended
Family -- La familia
Family Members
Food -- Basic Expressions
Food - Bread, Cereal, Rice and Pasta
Food -- Buying Food
Food -- Comida --Jepoardy
Food -- El Vocabulario de la Comida
Genders of Level 2 nouns
GO Verbs y Más
Gustar -- Expressing Likes and Dislikes
Gustar & Possessive Adjectives
Gustar/Ser/estar, N/Adj poss adj days/time
Indefinite Articles
Interrogatives (Question words)
IR A sentences
-IR verbs (span 1/2--Jacobson)
Las contracciones al y del
Las formas de IR (to go)
Lección #5 -- Repaso
LECCION 6 food vocabulary
Lesson #1 -- Vocabulario
Lesson #3 Jeopardy
Lesson #3 ser
Lesson #4 -- Repaso
Lesson #5 -- Introductions
Lesson #5 -- Places in a City
lesson #8 -- Activities to do
Lesson #8 -- Pastimes (expanded)
lesson #8-- Sports (expanded)
Lesson #9 -- Repaso
Months of the Year
Months of the Year in Expressions
Nature & the environment - basic plants and animals
Numbers -- Math Battleships
Numbers -- Spanish
Números 0 - 30
Prepositions -- Simple
Present Progressive SPAN1-2
Pronouns & SER (chp 1)
Pronouns and ser
Question Words & Simple Spanish Phrases
Question Words (Interogativos)
Ser and Estar
Ser y Estar
Span 1 - Semester review
Span 1 semester review
Span 2 -- Repaso (food,fam, adj, DO)
Span 2 - Semester review
Stem Changer Verbs (Span 1-2)
Stem Changing & some comparisons
Telling time (expanded)
Tener Idioms (Span 1-2)
The conjugations of ESTAR & SER
Time -- La hora
Time -- La Hora
Time -- ¿Qué hora es?
Time -- Telling Time and Basic Time Divisions
Time (La Hora)
Time of day -- Put in Order
Time Words & Phrases
VERBS -- regular AR, ER, IR Verbs
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