Span34 Review Activities
Cactus Shadows HIgh School
REVIEW AND PRACTICE activities for Spanish 3-4. Most of them are games....feel free to re-do multiple times.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Physical Characteristics (expanded) (SPAN 34)
Adjetivos Span 3 2016
Description of Things (expanded) (SPAN 34)
De + the article; A + the article - Span 3 repaso
Definite and Indefinite Articles
Los Verbos -AR
Verbs -- AR
Afirmativa y Negativa -- Frases
regular -AR/-ER/-IR verbs & Acabar de
Stem Changing Verbs
Verbs -- Stem Changers (definitions only)
Verbos de Poder, Pensar, y Querer
Classroom Vocab -- Span 3/4
Tener Idioms
PRES PROG Span 3-4
Present Progressive forms & Lugares
WEATHER -- El estado del tiempo
Weather -- El Tiempo
Weather (expanded) Flashcards
Saber y Conocer:
Air Travel
Favor de (chp 2 -- camping & reflexive verbs)
Reflexive Verbs -- & Camping ASD
Reflexive Verbs (definitions only -- flashcards)
REFLEXIVE Verbs (flashcards)
Body -- La cara
Body Parts - Las partes del Cuerpo
Body Parts -- El Cuerpo (with pictures)
Body Parts
Body (expanded) --flashcards, matching
Prepositions -- Simple and Compound
Preposiciones de Lugar
Prepositions (10 of them)
Cap 2B, Sp1 Las Preposiciones
House - Basic Items in the Living Room
House - Basic Items in the Kitchen
House - Basic Items in the Dining Room
House - Basic Items in the Bedroom
House - Basic Items in the Bathroom
House - Basic Items in the Laundry Room
City Vocab - Buildings in a City (expanded)
Pret. Review -- FRASES
Preterite --battle ship
-AR preterite endings
Preterite review ar, car, gar,zar
Preterite Endings (Special Pret)
Pret Verb forms (ser,ir,dar,hacer,ver)
Pret repaso
Preterite Verbs--Especiales
Pretérito Special Conjugations
Preterite - Special Conjugations
el TREN y el pretérito
Reflexive Verbs -- Present & Pret
Tiendas Especiales
Direct Object Pronouns - Rags to Riches
Double Object Pronouns
Direct and Indirect Object Review
direct object review
Direct & Indirect Objects Sentences
Preg-Regular + Acabar
afirmativos y negativos (OPUESTOS)
Affirmative and Negative words
Affirmative and Negative Words
Afirmativa y Negativa Words
Capítulo 11: Formas Comparativas y Superlativas
Comparative and superlative
comparatives and superlatives
Comparativos y Superlativos
Comparativos y Superlativas
Comparisons of Equality
Comparativas y Superlativas
Verbos imperfectos (past tense)
Regular Imperfect
Capítulo 6 - la tecnología
Preterite VS. Imperfect
Pretérito vs. Imperfecto
¿Imperfecto? o ¿Pretérito?
pret & imperfect
Preterite vs. Imperfect
La ropa pt. I (situaciones 9)
por vs para
Por vs. para --PRETERITE
Review for final 1st semester old
Cap 6 - Tecnomundo
Directions Basic (prepositions) SPAN 34
Directions (SPAN 4...Auto)
Affirmative Tú Commands
Mandatos - (copy)
Span 4 -- Repaso del semestre (Mayo)
1st Semester repaso-Span3
2nd Semester Review
Cap 6 tecnomundo
POSITION WORDS/prepositions
Mandatos (y direciones)
Adj -- change meaning based on placement
Aeropuerto - Vocabulario 1 y 2 (Hangman)
gustar-like verbs
Los verbos de -GO (-go in the YO)
Passive SE
Present Progressive Tense -ING / -NDO
Adjetivos Posesivos
Agreement w/nouns and adjectives
¿cual no pertenece? la comida
demonstrative practice
chp 5 el imperfecto y fiestas hispanas
El dia de los muertos
El Dia de los Muertos
The Day of the Dead
Sp 3/4: -AR, -ER and -IR verbs
Sp 3/4: commands - tú affirmative (version A)
Sp 3/4: double object pronouns
Sp 3/4: el presente progresivo (formas)
Sp 3/4: el presente progresivo (infinitivos)
Stem-Changing Sentences - Sp 3/4
Tener Idioms - (copy)
vocabulario -la clase Sp 3/4
chp 1 Viajar en Avión Repaso
Chp 3 - Viajar en Tren - Repaso
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