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Lone Peak Elementary  
Finally - I am adding an addition to our class web site page.  You have all been very patient with me these last two weeks.  I have been a very busy lady, besides being a bit forgetful to update this info.  Check out the game for your practice spelling this week.  I have also added a vocabulary practice for help in studying for the Voc. Test on Tuesday.  Don't forget to study for your Science and Social Studies tests also.  What a busy week we have planned before we go off-track!!  Just a note - I think we have a terrific 6th grade class!!  You are all so awesome!! Thanks - Mrs. Black

P.S.  A special thanks to Alex and Ali for sending me a fun E-Mail message!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Vocabulary Concentration
Try this puzzle to study for your test!
Spelling Unit 7
Don't get hung on this one!
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