jjohnson Miss Johnson
Washington Elementary School 4th Grade, Spring Semester
Welcome to Fourth Grade

The Exploratorium field trip is next Friday, July 12. Permission slips must be signed by your parents and turned in by Monday July 8.
Week Six Homework:
Begin reading chapter 4 of Charlotte's Web.
Practice spelling with Jumbled Words and Hangman games.
Review the United States Capitals. You can play the Rags to Riches State Capitals game.
Read chapter 3 in your science text, and take the Photosynthesis Java Quiz for review.

You can jump ahead in geography by taking the World Capitals Quiz or playing the World Geography Challenge Board Game, in the useful links section below.

You can also jump ahead in math and try out the Decimal and Fraction Equivalents Java Games!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Spelling List #2 - School Subjects
Hangman Game
Spelling List #3 - Classroom Items
Jumbled Words Game
Math Lesson 2 - Add, subtract, or multiply?
Mathematics Pop-ups Game
Grammar: To, Two, Too
Grammar Pop-ups Game
Grammar: Lesson 2 - Irregular verbs: session grammar lesson two
Grammar Quiz Session - Lesson 2
State Capitals!
Rags to Riches Game
Java Quiz with immediate feedback
World Capitals Quiz: session world caps
World Capitals
Useful links
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