Parenting & Child Development Ms. Lashley
Fuquay-Varina High School
My Quia activities and quizzes
1.01a CD Readiness Characteristics for Parenting
1.01b CD Family Structures and Family Types
1.02 CD Teen Sexuality, Pregnancy, STDs/STIs, and Choices Key Terms
1.03 Options for infertile couples
2.01 CD Child Care Selections
2.02 CD Safe and Secure Environments for Children
CD2.02M Making Electronic Devices Child-Friendly
2.03CD Career Opportunities in Child Care and Development Key Terms
3.0 CD Human Reproduction: Both Male and Female
3.01 Prenatal Development Review
3.03 CD Healthy Pregnancy
3.03 CD Healthy Delivery
4.01 CD Development of an Infant
4.02 CD Emotional and Social Development of Infants
4.03 CD Cognitive Development of Infants Key Terms
4.04CD Understand the challenges of parenting infants
5.01 CD Physical Characteristics
5.01CD Cognitive Characteristics of Children Ages 1 to 3
5.02 CD Emotional Development of Toddlers (1-3)
5.02 CD Social Development of Toddlers (1 to 3)
5.03CD Parenting Styles
6.01 CD Parenting and Child Development
6.02 CD Developmental Theorists and Cognitive Development ages 3 to 6
Ages and stages of development
CD Parenting Styles and Guiding Behavior Key Terms
Teen Pregnancy/Healthy Pregnancy
3.0 CD Female Reproductive System - Structures and Terms
Developmental Psychology Vocabulary quiz
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