jlondonmath Mrs. London
Park City School Grade 5-6 Math teacher
Wow! It's hard to believe that Fall Break is almost here!
We've been so busy doing math that we have hardly noticed!

The fifth grade has been studying hard and reviewing place value, rounding and estimating. Of course we continue to work hard on open responses. I'm so proud of the way most students have been studying and completing homework. Keep it up fifth graders!

The sixth graders have been moving up and down the number line with positive and negative integers. It can be so hard to remember which ones should have a positive sign and which should have a negative sign. Keep taking notes in the Math Log and I'm sure you'll get it! The students in 6A are finding lost treasure items while studying coordinate grids. Never before had they worked with more than one quadrant to graph ordered pairs. Math can be so fun!!!

6B has been working on a Service Learning Project with the fourth grade students in Mrs. Doty's class. The "M&M's",as they have nicknamed themselves, are being Math Multiplication Mentors and are learning much more than multiplication. Data collection, graphing, analyzing data and socialization skills are just a few of the things they are learning from working with their partners. Keep up the fantastic work!

Have a great Fall Break .....and remember.....keep solving those problems!      Mrs. London
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