CA1 -4th Fall 2010
Red Springs High School Business Education Teacher
My Quia activities and quizzes
6.0 PowerPoint
1.01 (Activities) Internet-Search tools and methods
1.01(Hangman) Internet-Search tools and methods
1.01 - Internet tools and methods. Quiz
1.01 Internet tools and methods (Test)
6.01 Powerpoint
Powerpoint Delivery Methods
2.01 Electronic Communication
MS Word Formatting
Paragraph Formatting Vocabulary
3.01 Formatting, Alignment, and Page Setup
MS Word Test
1.02 Internet - Validate and authenticate information. Quiz
1.02 Internet - Validate and authenticate information. Test
2.02 Email
2.02 (Test)
VoCats Publications Review
VoCats Review (Publications)
What publication Am I
CA 1 Review (Midterm) 2
Midterm (fill-in blank) part 2
CA 1 Review (Midterm) One attempt
Basic Spreadsheet Functions
Basic Spreadsheet Review
Advanced Spreadsheet functions
Charts (Fill-In Blank)
Excel - Charts
75% Test
Final Exam
Final Exam (Review) 4
Final Exam (Review) 3
Excel Spreadsheets II
Excel/Spreadsheet Review 3
VoCats Practice Test
VoCats Practice Test Part 2
VoCat's Review
VoCats Review
VoCats Review 2
VoCats Review #2
VoCats Review 3
VoCats Review 4
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