Jefferson Junior High School Spanish 7th 8th Grade
Estudiantes:  Some of the practice activities were created by teachers from other schools who use a different curriculum so you might not know what to do.  Skip those questions or guess and go on to the next activity.

7th Grade (Periods 2, 3, & 4):  Work from the top to the bottom on the activities.  If you have done an activity many times move on to the next one.  There are also activities found at the bottom of the page under Useful Links - Textbook. 

Try this family site:

8th Grade (Periods 6,7 & 9):   Piratas - Work from the bottom up on QUIA activities and also using Useful Links - Textbook. 

Gracias, Profe Myers
My Quia activities and quizzes
My Family - Mi Familia
family members
Cap 5 Realidades - La Familia Repaso
¿Què tiempo hace hoy?
Classroom Nouns
Numbers 0-100
Realidades I - Capítulo 1B
Weather & Seasons
Body Parts
Animales del Zoológico
Agreement w/nouns and adjectives
El Tiempo
Realidades I - Capítulo 2A
Weather Game
Realidades I - Capítulo 2B
Weather and Calendar
Bienvenidos Capítulo 1 El verbo SER
El Calendario
Los meses del año
Basic Spanish Vocabulary
Los Números 0 - 100
¿Dónde están las partes del cuerpo?
-AR Verbs in the Preterite Tense
-ar verb conjugations
La Ropa
Present tense verbs in Spanish.
la ropa
Las direcciones
Unscramble La Ropa
AR Verb Conjugation Millionaire
Useful links
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