Hunt for Johnny Tremain

Hunt for Johnny Tremain
an Internet Treasure Hunt on Johnny Tremain

created by mboak
Memorial Parkway Jr. High

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Throughout JOHNNY TREMAIN you will meet characters and read of events and places with which you may not be familiar. This project will allow you to visit several sites on the Internet dealing with Revolutionary War topics. By answering the assigned questions you should come away with a strong understanding of the times and setting of JOHNNY TREMAIN. Have fun!!!!


  1. a. Why is the Old South Meeting Hall so famous?

    b. For what did the British use the Old South Meeting Hall?

  2. a. Draw a picture of the flag carried at Bunker Hill.

    b. Draw a picture of the flag created by Betsy Ross.

  3. a. Create a chart on your paper for the Battle of Bunker Hill, the Battle of Lexington, the Battle of Concord, the Battle of Trenton,and the Battle of Monmouth. Vertically list the following for each battle.
    Name of Battle:
    Date of Battle:
    Rebel Leader:
    British Leader:
    Who Won?:
    Why Important:

    b. Now draw a map showing the location of each of the battles.

    c.Which two men set out to warn the town of Lexington that the British were coming?

    d. Who warned the town of Concord that the British were coming?

  4. a. How did midwifery come about?

    b. What exactly does the word 'midwife' mean?

  5. a. Who was Thomas Hutchinson?

    b. Why did the British fire into the crowd and thus cause the Boston Massacre?

    c. Which two men defended the British soldiers against the charge of murder?

    d. How did Samuel Adams exploit the Boston Massacre?

    e. Who instigated the Boston Tea Party?

    f. How many chests of tea were thrown overboard?

    g. What was the Stamp Act?

    h. What was the rebel reasoning in regards to their not wanting to be taxed by Britain?

    i. Now draw a small timeline listing the dates for the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the Stamp Act.
    Label each date.

  6. a. When the First continental Congress convened, twelve states send delegates to discuss what? HINT: It wasn't revolution!!!

    b. List three of the Intolerable Acts.

  7. a. List four concepts associated with Tories.

    b. List four concepts associated with Whigs.

  8. a. What is coopering?

    b. What is another word used today for militia?

  9. a. What does a silversmith do?

    b. Before working in silver, what material did a silversmith use to make a mold?

    c. List four steps in making a brick.

    d. What is another term for wigmaker?

    e. List four types of hair from which wigs were made.

    f. What was the job of the blacksmith?

  10. a. Who constructed the Faneuil Hall??

    b. What three types of rooms were in Faneuil Hall?

    c. For what was it used during the Revolutionary War?

    d. What nickname Faneuil Hall given?

    e.For what did the British use the building?

  11. a.In which two American cities did the Sons of Liberty spring up, probably simultaneously, in the year 1765?

    b. What was the MAIN purpose of the Committees of Correspondence?

    c. How did American and English views of the Boston Sea Party differ?

    d. What did the British hope to acheive by passing the Stamp Act of March, 1765??

    e. Why were the Sons of Liberty organized?

    f. How did the Americans perceive the Stamp Act?

    g. Explain this quote ...."one man's terrorist is another man's patriot."

  12. a. For what is Robert Newman remembered?

    b. What was the date of Paul Revere's famous ride?

  13. a. Who wrote Yankee Doodle?

    b. Of who did the song make fun?

    c. Now write a new verse for Yankee Doodle. (Examples are given.)

  14. a. How many men signed the Declaration of Independence?

    b. Who mainly wrote the Declaration of Independence?

    c. What was John Locke's theory of government upon which the Declaration of Independence is based?

The Internet Resources

The Big Question

What are three main aspects of this topic?  How would you chunk what you learned into clusters or a brainstorm map?

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