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Ottawa County Juvenile Service Center computer instructor
HEY! HEY! HEY! Welcome to Ms. J's page!!

You'll find links to cool games, sites and things I think are cool! I will also be listing weekly assignments here from time to time.

THE WEEK OF :August 20 to August 24

Monday: We will be reading the article "Rocket Science Served up Soggy", answering questions about the article and discussing it.

Tuesday: We will discuss some classic toys and the scientific reasons behind how they work. Then students will look up a toy on the internet and find out how it works.

Wednesday: Put together a poster explaining how your toy works.

Thurday: We will share our posters and begin research on an inventor of a famous toy.

Friday: Work on research papers of famous toy inventors.


FOLLOW YOUR BLISS!!! - Josepf Campbell

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