johnvergowven John
Summerfield Middle School student
This is a website I created November 10 to help myself learn and my friends too. I am a boy in the Eighth grade at Summerfield Middle School. 

Below is a list of games to play.My favorite is the Rags to Riches game. Some of the hints you might not understand, but try you're best I'll be updating it too, so there will be more.

I will be posting the homework assignments for 8-2(Mr. Schoen's homeroom) weekly. Although this may not cover ALL homework assignments, It'll tell you when big projects and homework is due. If I happen to miss anything, E-mail me. It's at the top of this page.

Also some days I can't get on update my sheets because of Basketball practice.

Please visit again.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Science chapter 6, is like Who wants to be a millionare.
American History Lesson 1
Updated after every lesson
Questions about things..You'll find out!
On the quia homepage, Click Quiz Session and enter this session name: john/science or click here
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