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Grademiners Custom Written Essays: Insights of the General Structure
The author of this article is the essay writer at the best paper writing company - John Line The Structural Elements of the Custom Written Essays The structure of essay writing contains three main blocks: A) introduction; B) basic part; C) conclusion. The introduction is a justification for the choice of the selected topic and consists of a number of components connected logically and stylistically. At this stage very much it is important to correctly formulate and present the question to which the author is going to answer in the course of the research. It is recommended to subdivide the introduction to three constituent parts (components): Capturing the Reader's Attention. The purpose of this part of the introduction to the essay is so as to interest and draw attention to your work - in one sentence, short phrase, or aphorism. To achieve this, you can use different author's techniques (give interesting facts, emphasize the historical significance selected topic, find accurate quotes, intrigue the reader further story, etc.) In the same part, it is recommended to give the general review of the selected topic, emphasize its importance in the overall flow of information. The best way is to start with a broad explanation of the problem and let your reader down to a specific proposed version of its solution through consideration of the topic of the essay. This way you will be able to focus on your topic and give it to the reader the background information on issues that you intend to cover in the future, indicating the main resources you use, the scope and boundaries of the study. Connective and Explanatory Detail of the Introduction. In this part of the introduction, the author must explain what exactly he wants to tell the reader. For this, the best option is to highlight the main points of the topic as in chronological, and in the semantic sequence, while adhering to the order of coverage the questions according to their rating. Proclamation of the Main Thesis of the Work. In this part of the introduction, the author must state his main thesis, which he is going to reveal in the essay. It should be quite narrow, specific, and focused on the selected essay topic. It should be noted that the Introduction; should occupy 7-9% of the total work. The Main Part (the Body of the Essay) This part involves the disclosure of the chosen theme of the work, developing argumentation and analysis, using the justification of theses and reflections. This is the main task of writing an essay. Where it is necessary as an analytical tool, you have to use graphs, charts, and tables. When building an essay, keep in mind that one paragraph should contain only one statement and the corresponding proof, for the supported by graphic or illustrated material. Filling the selected statement with meaningful argumentation, the author needs to adhere to the main idea he wants to express in a particular case. Conclusion The competently constructed conclusion allows to demonstrate the personal growth and potential of the author in the chosen field, showing personal views on the covered topic. In conclusion, it is necessary again to address the stated thesis so as to show the reader the completeness of the evidence, and their own steps of logical thinking, the argumentation of facts and reflections. Integrating the author's efforts and skills demonstrated in the work, explain to the reader why so the author came from the thesis in the introduction to the stated conclusions, how much the personal attitude to the raised questions has changed. Finally, an essay statement (depending on the type) can be like a demonstration of the growth as a result of the study and showing prospects further development of the covered topic. The conclusion is usually by volume should occupy 4-5% of the total work.
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