jonesbrookland Mr. Jones
Brookland Middle School

                              Mr. Jones (M-7)
                  *8th Grade Social Studies

                  ALL students should be prepared for
                  my class EVERYDAY by bringing:
                                *Pen or Pencil

                 STUDY HABIT SECRETS...
*Study BEFORE the sun goes down and you
will study 1/3 more efficiently.

*Study with NO tv or music on in the house. You
can hear it and it distracts you wherever it is.
You'll study at least twice as efficiently.

*When studying several different subjects, study
for 15 minutes at a time (maybe even start with 10
minutes and work up to 15 in a few weeks), take 5
minutes off and do something physical, then study
for 15 minutes again. If you do this, you will study
1/3 to twice as efficiently than if you sit for an hour
and try to study all at once.

                 DURING THE 5 MINUTE BREAK:

*DO NOT look at tv, or listen to music, get on the
phone, or sit in a chair.

*DO-run around the outside of the house, run
standing still inside the house, do push ups,
or jumping jacks, walk briskly to the kitchen
for a snack (healthy one if possible).

                 OTHER TIPS

*Study in the same place every day, if possible,
so your brain associates the place with
focusing. Your bed is not a good place to study-
you need your brain to associate the bed with
sleep because sleep is very important to you.

*Get 8 hours of sleep each night. Your brain
processes what you learned during the last
2 hours of an 8 hour sleep.
*Review what was learned in class (usually
taking or studying notes will do this) each
day. If you review what was learned
within 24 hours of learning it, you will retain
in your brain 80% of what was learned. If
you wait over the 24 hours, you will retain
only 20% of what was learned.

                 To CUT Your STUDY TIME in HALF
                 AND make an A on the  TEST:

1.  Get your notes & vocabulary done 1 week
before the test (with questions).
2.  Study the notes & vocabulary for 15
minutes EACH night before the test.

3.  Enjoy yourself as you see a great grade
on the test!!!

                   Get into GOOD habits NOW by doing
                   these things and you'll spend LESS
                   time the rest of your life studying.  And
                   your studying will produce MORE in
                   LESS time.

                  Scroll down to find the link to your class/
                  homework assignments:

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