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Fun Argumentative and Persuasive Essay and Speech Topics

So many argumentative essays are serious (and somber). Here are some topics that might be more fun to write (and read!).

Many students and instructors feel that argumentative essays should only deal with serious issues, as learning to argue or persuade in writing is an important skill that students will continue to use long after they've completed their education.

It's true that the skill is important; however, there is no rule that says the topic a student debates must always be "serious." Even light-hearted essays and speeches can argue and persuade readers and listeners while teaching the student the important aspects of argumentation and persuasion.

A word to the wise, however: Students should always make sure their chosen topics are suitable subjects to their instructors. Who wants to write an entire essay, only to find it's unacceptable, no matter how fun the process has been?

Fun Topics Related to School Issues
According to the Write My Essay SOS's experts, sometimes students like to write about school-related issues, and these topics can often be fun and engaging. Remember that for a topic to be debatable, it must have two clear sides. These topics pass that test because there is another side to the issue (shown in parentheses below):

Why kids should stop attending school at the age of 16 (the con side of this argument could be that kids should attend school until the age of 21 or the age they do today)
Why the school day should be shorter (or longer or the same)
Why the school year should be shorter (or longer or the same)
Why cell phones should be allowed in school (or not)
Why texting in school is okay (or not)
Why students should be paid for good grades (or not)
Why banned books should be allowed and studied in school (or not)
Why all students should have after-school jobs (or not)
Why all students should participate in extracurricular activities (or not)
Why grades don't matter (or do)
Sometimes students can come up with easy school-related essay topics simply by thinking of the things that frustrate them about school. Why not make an argument about something that could make a difference?

Fun Topics Related to Social Issues
Other times, students want their essays to involve themes outside the classroom, and many of those topics will revolve around social issues. These topics also pass the "is it debatable?" test:

Why the work week should be shorter (or longer)
Why the standard full-time work day should be shorter (or longer)
Why video games are good for kids (or bad)
Why computer time is good for kids (or bad)
Why (name any TV show) is good for kids or families (or bad)
Why free internet is a good idea (or bad)
Why Facebook and other social networking sites are important for people to use (or not)
Why texting is a skill everyone should learn (or avoid)
Why violence and sex on TV shows is okay (or not)
Why advertisements should be limited (or not)
Almost anything in everyday life that a student deals with has aspects that are debatable. As with school issues, a fun topic can be anything students think needs to change.

Make Writing Enjoyable
Writing an argumentative or persuasive essay or speech needn't be intimidating or dreaded. In fact, it can be quite fun if a student finds the right topic. These are just a few ideas that will likely have a student looking forward to writing an argumentative essay.

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