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Journal writing is one of the techniques many educators and critics of educators find valuable for student learning.  A variety of skills can be practiced more effectively through journal writing than in class drills.   The journal prompts are designed to provide some practice time and your responses should get better as the year progresses.  They are not to be seen as full compositions but should not be brushed off as unimportant.  Journals will be given a quiz grade at the end of the quarter.  This is an easy way to add an A+- into your grade.  It is also an easy way to add a 0.  Zeros will have a negative impact on your quarter grade.    

This page contains the journal prompts for the year.  I may make changes as the year progresses so do not jump ahead to other quarter work. 

NEWSPAPERS - 1ST QUARTER (and probably the second one too)
You need to have access to a daily newspaper.  The school's Media Center has subscriptions or you may read the papers on line.  The papers must be reputable ones.  Papers such as the "Globe" or "Herald" are preferable to the "Daily News Tribune."   News magazines such as "Time" may be used sporadically.  Glamour, YM and similar may NOT be used at all. 

Step 1.  Read the paper every day.
Step 2.  Select news articles from different sections and different days.  Police Beat, Obituaries, Op Ed, hororscopes, Ask Ann Landers and other non-news articles may NOT be used. 
Step 3.  Cut out the article and affix it to a page in your journal.
Step 4.  Respond to the following prompts in your journal:
1.  Name of the paper
2.  Date of the paper
3.  Title of the article
4.  Name of the reporter (if given)
5.  In one or two sentences describe the subject matter of the article.
6.  In a paragraph (no fewer than 3 complex sentences), write your opinions about the article:  the subject matter, the way the reporter handled the subject matter, do you agree with the reporter's point of view, did you see the same subject covered better in a different paper, etc. 

4 articles are due each week. 

This assignment has a couple of goals.  First, it encourages you to become aware of current events.  It is most important for people in today's fast-paced everchanging world to stay aware of events.  Second, you are practicing your writing skills and your critical thinking skills.  These are areas that will be tested on the MCAS and that are important in life in general.  Third, #6 is practicing your creativity as well as your critical thinking.  and Finally, #1 through 5 are skills you will need when we do the research paper.  #1 - #4 are source information or citation information and #5 is the skill you use when taking notes on notecards.  In fact, #6 is a small version of writing the research paper itself.  Practice now and the research paper will be easier to write later. 

The journals for this quarter will be linked to the work we are doing in class with the research projects.  I am still taking suggestions for this quarter.  My original plan was to use the frameworks as prompts but I am inclined to change this plan as the revised frameworks do not lend themselves to this task as well as the original ones did. 

Look up the following words and write them in sentences that prove you understand their meaning.  They do not have to be in order.

abase v., abdicate v., aberration n., abeyance n., abhorrence n., abject adj., abrade v., abrupt adj., abstain v., abstinence n. , abstruse adj., absurd adj., abundant adj., accede v., acrimonious adj., adamant n., aggregate n., bide v., bier n., blatant adj., boisterous adj., cacophony n, cajole v., carrion n., castigate v., circumlocution n. ,circumscribe v., circumspect adj.., clandestine adj., cognizant adj. , contemptuous adj., contender n., contrive v., copious adj., defame v., degenerate v., degradation n. , delineate v., denounce v.., deplorable adj. , deprecate v.., depreciate v., detest v. , devise v., discreet adj., dubious adj., eccentric adj., efface v., effuse v., egregious adj. , emaciate v., emulate v., enigma n., enjoin v., enmity n., facetious adj., facile adj. , facilitate v., foible n., guile n. , harangue n., harass v., harbinger n, icon n., iconoclast n., idealize v., idiom n., idiosyncrasy n., illusive adj., immaterial adj., impassive adj., impromptu n., inexorable adj., zephyr n., zealot n., wry a dj., wrest v. , virulent adj.,visage n., veneer n. , lucid adj., lucrative adj., ludicrous adj., lurid adj., malevolent adj., malign v., malignant adj., negligence n., obsequious adj. , odoriferous adj. , omniscient adj., patronize v., perfunctory adj., pillage n. , piteous adj., pitiable adj., quandary n., reparation n., subjugate v.,timorous adj.
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