jpearcebcis Mrs. Pearce
Friendswood High School
Welcome to Mrs. Pearce's Business Computer Instruction Systems (BCIS)  activity page.  This has been designed to help you with this class.  These activities will aid you with vocabulary.

Important information to remember:

Grading system:
40% Daily grades
60% Tests

Tests are given at the end of each unit with in a major unit.  Examples:  there are six units with in Word Processing;  six units with in Spreadsheet.

Students will need to be organized.  To help with this task, students will keep a notebook which will contain any handouts, class work, production work, and notes given to them.  Notebook grades are counted as a test grade.  Notebooks will be graded three times during an 18 week session.

Students are required to complete all production work at school in room 602.

My Quia activities and quizzes
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Textbook: Chapter 1 quiz
Textbook: Chapter 2--Output Devices
Textbook: Chapter 2--Input devices
Formatting a MLA report
Formatting a letter
Fomatting a MEMO
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