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This page will allow you to quickly access your online quizzes.  Remember that these quizzes account for 20% of your grade.  Also, remember that you must have each weeks chapters completed by the Friday of the week in which the chapter was covered.

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Mr. Peiffer
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Chapter One: The Meeting of Cultures
Chapter Two: The English Transplantations
Chapter Three: Society and Culture in Provincial America
Chapter Four: The Empire Under Strain
Chapter Five: The American Revolution
Chapter Six: The Constitution and the New Republic
Chapter Eight: Varieties of American Nationalism
Chapter Nine: Jacksonian America
Chapter Ten: America's Economic Revolution
Chapter Eleven: Cotton, Slavery, and the Old South
Chapter Twelve: Antebellum Culture and Reform
Chapter Thirteen: The Impending Crisis
Chapter Fourteen: The Civil War
Chapter Fifteen: Reconstruction and the New South
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