jport Mrs. Port
Andrews Elementary School First Grade teacher - Class 1D

We are studying about Spring and seeds this week.  We plan to do many interesting activities with seeds.  

We are beginning Level 5 this week.  The first story is Peace at Last.  The vocabulary words for the story are:

           never                   himself
           room                    clock
           tired                   sleep
           believe                 peace
           started                 tweet

Our reading skills this week are:
*long e words made with e, ee, and ea.  Examples are me, see, and treat.  Which vocabulary words have the long e sound?
*main idea and details.
*final consonant blends.
*short u words.

This week's word wall words are:

    favorite      new     clock     long     something

In math this week we will be working on addition and subtraction word problems.  See if you can solve the following.

   Tommy had 7 cars.
   He got 9 more.
   How many cars does he have now?

   Sandy made 14 cakes.
   She gave 9 away.
   How many cakes does she have now?
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