jrcla03 Sra. Felske
Immaculate Heart Academy  
Dear Juniors,
Thank you for your cooperation during registration for your junior rings.  Everything went well.  See me in 102 if you have any questions.

Remainder of Junior Class activities:

February 5, 2002    Junior Ring Liturgy and Ceremony
Your officers will advise you during the month of November regarding the committees for this activity.

March 8, 2002  Junior Prom @ Sheraton Crossroads, Mahwah NJ

May 17, 2002 Junior-Senior Luncheon and Slideshow

**ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS: If you enjoy taking pictures and have your own camera...this you'll enjoy this job!
Your responsibility..taking pictures of seniors in action!
I.E.  In the cafeteria, in senior hall, senior prom, sporting events, etc.  See me asap if this sounds appealing to you!

***I have seen an improvement in junior hall HOWEVER, there are still some junior who think that they have maid service in junior hall.  There isn't!  You must pick-up after yourself.  This includes candy wrappers, empty soda cans and water bottles.  If there is a spill please clean it up!
Your spill could cause a disaster!  Be considerate!

                                Sra. Felske
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