jrobertson Mr. Robertson
Humble Middle School 7th Grade Science Teacher
Hi!  You have joined the Web Page for Mr. Robertson's 7th Grade Science.  Should you need to reach me, my phone number is 281-641-4069.

Remember, to be successful, you must make sure you do two things:  1) do your work  and 2) turn your work in (on time)!  Notebooks are due each Friday.  Any work not turned in by Friday is probably late.

When you are absent, make sure you get your make up work.  Check the calendar in the back of the room for missed assignments and pick up any handouts from the top tray on the side of the room.

Third Trimester Information:
We will cover:
Chapter 13 = Simple Invertebrates
Chapter 14 = Complex Invertebrates
Chapter 15 = Cold-Blooded Vertebrates
Chapter 16 = Warm-Blooded Vertebrates
Human Anatomy & Physiology

During this Trimester we will be doing a long term investigation using Mealworms.  Students will need to keep accurate records and make drawings.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Viruses & Bacteria
Games/Vocabulary Practice Viruses & Bacteria
Short quiz on bacteria
Quiz Chapter 8
Test Chapter 8
All Mixed Up
General Life Science Knowledge
Useful links
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