jsullivan Miss Sullivan
Horizon Elementary School Third Grade Teacher
Week of May 14-18

SOLs are on their way!!!

The countdown is getting closer and closer.  We begin SOL testing on Monday, May 21.  We have been working hard and I am sure that EVERY student will do their best!  Here are some things to keep in mind during the SOL week:

1. Focus on the positive.  We sure have keanred a lot this year, so focus on what we KNOW rather than don't know.

2. Get a good night's rest!  Try to be in bed on time.  Our brains work better when we are well rested.

3. Bring in #2 pencils.  Please make sure they are already sharpened!  This will help make the morning time run smoother for us here at school.

4. Eat a good breakfast.  Our brains also think better when our tummies are full!

5. Relax!  You know EVERYTHING you need to know!  Just take a deep breate and RELAX!!!

6. Do NO HOMEWORK each night of the SOL.  We will leave our binders at school and will focus on just playing and relaxing the night before each test!

Please keep in mind that testing begins at 8:30!  No child will be permitted into the room after 8:15.  They will have to sit in the office and make up the test on make-up days!  The testing regulations are very strict and NO exceptions will be made!

Also, if a child is absent from school on a testing day, they only have 3 days the following week to make up the test.  IT MUST BE MADE UP DURING THAT TIME!!!!!!!

Thanks for all your help and support!

Miss Sullivan

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