jta Jake,Andrew and Tommy's report on roses.
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Common name: Rose.


Genus & Species:there are over 20,000 species and 107 genra.

Family Characteristics:bushes, vines, shrubs, climbers

Identfiying Traits of the Species: flowers,

Type of Habitat:they are a kind of wildflower that can be planted in gardens.

Aeverage Plant Size: It depends on the type of rose. For example, miniature roses grow to a height of only six inches. On the other hand, climbing varieties can grow as much as twenty feet in one season.

Type of Flower:Some are monocot, some are dicot.

Season in Which the Plant Flowers: It flowers in the spring and summer.

Special Importance to Man or Animal: Some soaps, Bodylotions, and perfumes can be produced from roses. Roses are also a symbol of love.

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