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Welcome to Team J's Classroom Connections page. We will update this page approximately every Friday. Please click Reload/Refresh to make sure you are viewing the most recent version of this page. This page is not intended to replace the TimeTracker. Students should continue to enter their assignments in their TimeTracker as always. The sites below may link to servers outside of Katy ISD. Katy ISD is not responsible for the content of the sites.

Reading-Ms. Freer

PreAp Reading Classes-Zlata's Diary
Test April 5, 2001

Academic Reading Classes-Island of the Blue Dolphins
Units 1 and 2 Test-study voc.

Math-Ms. Smith

If you have any spare time work on multipling and dividing decimals. 

Academic Math Classes- Test Mar 23 over Chapter 8
Quiz -- Mar 30 over 13-1 and 13-4
PreAp Math Classes- Quiz Mar 23 over 9-1 to 9-3
Test -- Mar 30 over Chapter 9

April 6--- Field Trip to the Zoo

Science-Ms. Berry
GRAVITY!!!!!  Where does it exist?  I'm sure you know...make sure you can explain what factors effect it and why.

Where are my smart students right now?  Solving speed, velocity and acceleration problems I'm sure...yeah right!  But isn't it cool that you know how to do them?  Have you showed your folks your handy work with algebra yet?

How about Sir Isaac Newton and his laws of motion? Wait until we dive into his "toy box" and put the laws into motion.

Physics Test Thursday, April 5th.

Bonus Bucks available for web sites related to our field of study...how many?...I'll never tell! 

Social Studies-Mr. Kenney

India Test Friday March 30th
Next week begin studying China, Japan and Vietnam!!
Studying their geography, cultures and major events in history

English-Ms. Smith

Verb test, Thursday, March 8, 2001
Weekly Vocab/ Spelling Quizzes
We will also continue writing our compare and contrast papers after spring break!  Enjoy your time off! :)
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