jthigpen Sra. Thigpen
Katy High School Spanish I
Spanish I
Text- "Ven Conmigo- Level I"
Room Number- D106
Conference Period- 7th period (1:50-2:35)
Tutoring- During study hall & after school- designated days determined by Mrs. Thigpen.  Students interested need only request to come at whichever designated time best fits his/her schedule.

Semester Goals: Students will be able communcate with basic skills including greetings,expressing likes & dislikes, descriptions, classroom objects & expressions and various other skills.
Students will frequently have homework;usually an assignment out of the workbook.  Students should have flashcards of the current chapter's vocabulary and should be drilling the words daily. This is extremely important in order to keep the student up to pace.  Although we practice these words in class, time is not sufficient for students to adequately memorize all the words.  This reinforcement outside the classroom is crucial to the success of the student.
Current Activities:
Review Sheet for Chapter 3 test to be given out Wednesday, Oct. 11.  Class Review Wednesday & Thursday, Oct. 11 & 12.  Test on Chapter 3- Friday, Oct. 13.
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