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Ok, we're on to irregular preterite verbs!

There are two groups of activities to work with today.
The first group is vocabulary to work with the definitions of the words, phrases and verbs in this unit.

The second group of activities is for conjugating preterite verbs in grupos J, U, I as well as ser/ir.

Work on the ones with which you need the most practice so that you'll be ready for the test tomorrow.
My Quia activities and quizzes
La Bienvenida vocabulario
Vocabulario de la unidad
Verbos de grupos J, U y I definiciones
El significado de los verbos
Irregular Preterite verbs (Grupos J, U, I)
Verbos irregulares en la forma de yo
Conjugacion de los verbos preteritos irregulares
Conjugacion de los verbos irregulares
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