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Popular breakfasts The most harmful, but popular breakfasts

Each meal should include balanced products, but manufacturers strive to sell the maximum amount of their products, so they advertise it not as it really is. It is thanks to marketing that certain Breakfast stereotypes have appeared. Unfortunately, many families start their day with this type of food. But today we will tell you why you should not do this.

Porridge-minute with fruit

A lot of people are used to Breakfast porridge, but now there will be a phrase from the ad: "not every porridge is equally useful." In order for the body to get useful microelements, it is necessary to buy long-cooking cereals. Because of the time savings, many prefer to buy bags that are brewed with boiling water in a few minutes. With the addition of honey or fruit, this Breakfast is a real carbohydrate bomb. Sugars and carbohydrates will quickly awaken your hunger and will not allow you to work quietly until your lunch break. A large amount of carbohydrates gives a sharp increase in blood glucose. And such jumps can harm the pancreas. Choose flakes of long cooking - 7-8 minutes.

Coffee and pastries

In the ads, many saw croissants and coffee as the perfect Breakfast. But in this case, you are harming the body with two products at once. Muffins and other flour products, regardless of their sweetness, give the same effect as fast porridge. They do not provide the necessary saturation and negatively affect the work of the pancreas. Coffee for Breakfast is also a bad idea, because on an empty stomach, such a drink can irritate the walls of the stomach and increase the acidity. With these meals at the beginning of the day, you will quickly earn gastritis or ulcers.

Breakfast cereals and orange juice

Flakes and pads that are filled with milk are not very good for Breakfast, because their composition can be briefly described as sugar, flour, oil, dyes and perfumes. Agree, the set is questionable. Citrus juice is not suitable for Breakfast. Because this drink increases the level of acid in the digestive organs. Undiluted fresh orange juice is especially dangerous, because the concentration of acids in it is much higher than in other types of juice.
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