jwe4 Fourth Grade Wranglers
Williams Elementary School  
Our wild Wranglers authored wonderful writing during their four day Camp Write Along adventure.  How-to, narrative, and good points/bad point’s papers were crafted in a relaxed wilderness setting as our creative campers imagined themselves sharing outdoor experiences.  The fifth six weeks promises to further enrich language arts abilities when our cowpokes rustle up research techniques, engage in note-taking strategies, and outline materials read.
Scientific skills will sharpen our ranchers’ knowledge about and application of matter and energy principles.  Einstein would be proud!
Our mathematics maestros will be grappling with geometry this six weeks.  They’ll be constructing congruent graphs, assessing angles, and pondering the perplexities of parallel and perpendicular lines.
During this six weeks’ stint, social studies will whisk our Wranglers through what many consider to be our state’s most pivotal and paramount time period.  The causes and effects of the Texas Revolution, the formation of the Republic of Texas, the U.S. annexation of Texas, and the Civil War/Reconstruction are the epochs to be examined in history.
Reading will focus on the continuation and expansion of reading strategies and repertoires.  Quality literature will further the aptitudes of our Wrangler readers both in and out of the classroom while fostering a love for the printed page. 
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