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Hello Kindergarten Moms and Dads!

One of the best ways to help your child learn reading skills is to read aloud to your child.  Reading aloud and talking about books help your child understand stories and make sense of words.  As you read aloud, your child "makes pictures" in his or her head, imagining the story in action.  Your child's vocabulary will grow as he or she hears new, exciting words and ideas.  Try reading aloud to your child -it's easy, fun, and educational!

We are learning so much in kindergarten!  We can even read words and solve math problems.  During the fifth six weeks, we will learn the names and sounds of letters Ww, Vv, Xx, Qq, Jj, Yy, Zz, and ch.  We will learn to read the sight words : was, not, and of.  We will also learn to listen to a word and then produce the initial sound in the word.

For our marvelous math skills, we will practice counting from 0 to 100 and writing numerals 0 to 10.  Have fun counting from 0 to 100 while waiting in line at the grocery store or in the carpool line!  Your child will learn to compare and order objects according to length, weight, and capacity during this six weeks.

Our big focus in social studies will be Texas.  The children will have a wonderful time learning about the Lone Star State!  They will have a great time learning fun songs and stories about our state.  As for science, our activities will involve changes in season - SPRING.  Hip!  Hip!  Hooray for Spring!

Don't forget that Spring Break is from March 11 - 15.

The Kindergarten Team

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