jwnukowski Miss Wnukowski
Horizon Elementary School 2nd Grade Teacher
Spelling List
May 21, 2001

1.  bird
2.  burn
3.  search
4.  shirt
5.  clerk
6.  stir
7.  third
8.  learn
9.  whirl
10.  hurl
11.  hurt
12.  early
13.  Earth
14.  birthday
15.  fern
16.  surprised
17.  weather
18.  surface
19.  whether
20.  further


This next quarter is full of many interesting studies.  In Science we will be learning about animals and life cycles.   Social Studies will focus on Economics.  We will also do an in depth unit on Poetry.  In math we will learn all about measurement, three digit addition and subtraction, and multiplication concepts.    Keep memorizing those addition and subtraction facts!

Take a look at some of the activities below!   Practice your math facts!!!

The life cycles project is due this Friday!
Three spelling activities are due this Friday!

Have a Happy Week!!!!
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