k5 Mrs. Koch
Cushing Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher
Week April 10, 2000
The Voting Takes Place!

Virtualville Election Day is Tuesday
Whole School Trip to Discovery World Friday
Balance of Government Quiz on Thursday
Math Assessment Thursday

           Activities, Goals, and Progress

Complete Fascinating Noun Poster Due Tuesday
Complete The Kid Who Ran for President
Fourth Quarter Goals   Due Friday

Math   Unit 8      Algebra
Monday's Assignment                                
Tuesday's Assignment
Wednesday's Assignment Study for Unit 8 Assessment
Thursday's Assignment  TEST TODAY  No Homework

Journal in your Writer's Notebook at Least Five Times a Week.
Count the words you write - watch your fluency develop!

Writing Workshop  Wednesday  HOME WRITING

                                          Enrichments and Extensions
USA Today Paragraph - React to the News
We often run out of time when discussing USA Today Events - write your personal reaction to the news.  This is your opportunity to share your thinking.
5 Literature Units

Mystery State 5 Possible Social Studies Points

Date Problems 2 Math Points for each solution

You should be reading a book you love at least twenty minutes every night - at least 65 pages a week
My Quia activities and quizzes
Checks and Balances
Review the Power of the United States Government
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