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     This web site will be updated every Sunday or Monday to include the weekly schedule, daily homework, games, and extra credit.
     Please let me know if you have any problems or questions about using this site.

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       Use this web site to make sure that you are doing the right assignment.  Some weeks it may be a little off so make sure you write down the homework in class, but use this site to double check.

       You can also use this site to study from for your tests and quizzes.  All of the vocabulary from your book has been entered in to a game format to make it a little more fun for you to study.  However, you do need to take notes and study from those for grammar quizzes.  The computer can't do everything for you.

       Spanish 2 students can do the online extra credit options listed on their yellow Chapter 2 schedule if they have registered online already.  Just click on the "Grammar Practice" link at the bottom of my page.  See me with questoins.  

Buena suerte! 

Senora Karnowski

MONDAY, February 18th
Spanish II – Notes pgs 278 & Worksheet
             Homework: Workbook pg 80-1 & Quiz
Spanish 8 –  Project Presentations
             Homework: Nothing

TUESDAY, February 19th
Spanish II – Grammar quiz pgs 277-8
             Homework: Nothing
Spanish 8 – Worksheet pg 83 & School vocab
             Homework: Worksheet pg 85

WEDNESDAY, February 20th
Spanish II – Science Fieldtrip
             Homework: Nothing
Spanish 8 – Wordsearch & Worksheet pg 89
             Homework: Nothing

THURSDAY, February 21st
Spanish II - Notes on pg 280 & Worksheet
             Homework: Workbook pg 82
Spanish 8 - Crossword & Game
             Homework: STAR books & Quiz

FRIDAY, February 22nd
Spanish II - Notes pg 282 & Worksheet
             Homework: Workbook pg 83 & Quiz
Spanish 8 - Quiz on School vocab
             Homework: Nothing
My Quia activities and quizzes
Spanish 2 - Chapter 7
Spanish 2 - Chapter 7 Vocabulary
Spanish 2 - Chapter 8
Spanish 2- Chapter 8 Vocabulary
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