kate Miss Fellows
Thomas Telford School  
Hey peeps.
Welcome to my new page. I know that it isn't much but I like it. I just like to say hi to all of my friends and to say that I luv u all lots!!!! I hope that u r all OK and if u r not for any reason at all speak to me but phonin me or e-mailin me wotever is best 4 u!!! I want u all 2 know that I will always be here for all of u whenever u r in a time of need and I will always stick by you all nomatter what!!
U r all my friends and have always been and I feel quite honoured that u r!!! We have grown up together and 4 ne1 reading this that I don't know then I say hi!!! So hello! To all my friends again, thank you for reading my page and I look forward to seeing u or speaking to u soon!!!
Loadsa love

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