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The Titanic has set sail! This has been quite an event. This ship is the biggest moving object. It has great quality added to it. It is the greatest mom yet in this century and this event will never be forgotten.

The ship is so big it can carry enough food to feed a small town for several months. Also, the Titanic is carrying an automobile. Also, the ship is so big, that the people weren’t able to get on it from the dock. They were ferried to the ship.

The adventure on this ship will give a lot of people the opportunity to meet new people and to work on their socializing skills. This will be a place of bonding. It is a classic ship that we are amazed by.

People will never be bored on this trip. There will be many games for them to play, and at night there will be music and dancing provided for their entertainment.

The ship has sunk! What a tragic we have learned about. On this night of death, there was seven iceberg warnings sent to the Titanic but they never really paid attention to the crucial messages. They didn’t worry about it and didn’t realize that their lives were at stake.

When the ship started to sink, the band just kept on playing. The passengers were so eerily calm and when the ship would hit an iceberg they went out and played with the ice. It must have been very cold!

The Titanic will easily be remembered as the “ship of dreams.” It will be remembered like this because of its history and it could carry so many people and gave much satisfaction to the passengers. It is very devastating how they had to watch it sink. The Titanic was so big and so well built and made the travel so much fun and relaxing. So many people could go at once.

The Titanic had set sail, and then a few days later, it sunk. Very tragic; especially for the ones who lost good friends and/or family members. Consolations go out to them.

Style Section:

On the titanic, there were many famous people on the ship. This was the opportunity they could get to relax and not be bothered. There were famous families, and also famous individuals onboard. There were rich people and poor people on the titanic.

There were quite a variety of passengers on the ship. It doesn’t matter if they were rich or poor. It is still very tragic thinking about and knowing how many lives have been lost due to this tragic event.

Pain and heartache are the feelings felt right now. The famous people had their lives ended while they were in their peak. Ruining their lives. Diminishing their success and happiness. The poor people lost their chance to get back their lives. They no longer have the opportunity to better themselves.

The famous people will be remembered for their greatness and will always have great respect from us. We shall never forget whose lives ended while traveling on the titanic. But we will also remember the other passengers. For they are just as important to us. We are America. We are united. We must stick together and take care of each other. Even though many lives have been lost in the sinking of the titanic, we must move on. Mourn for those who have friends/family who have passed away. We must have strength to go on.

Business Section:
Of course, we have the common sense to realize that there has been a lot of money lost in this horrific, traumatizing event. There has been wasted money on the building of the ship, and the cost of food and musicians and for other activities provided on the ship.

The passengers paid good money to travel on the titanic and now it’s all a big waste. Only five days into the adventure, when the ship sank.

The building of the ship cost so much and now it is destroyed. The biggest ship ever is now gone. This is so devastating and the amount of money lost is shocking.

There is so much money that will never be able to be savored. It’s not worth it. The hard work put into this ship, and then providing the entertainment was worth so much it’s astonishing.

Travel Section:
This event has completely changed travel forever. We now think about how dangerous traveling on a ship can be. There is always a possibility for a disaster to occur.

We will always remember this event, and think how it could have reinvented the idea of traveling. Going on trips by a ship has always been more exciting than going on a train or plane because activities and other things are provided for the passengers.

Sports Section:
The activites onboard provided were games, music, and dancing. The music and dancing would be at night and the games would be during the day. So there was always something to do.

As to gathering information as to who was on that ship is unavailable. To our knowledge, there were no famous athletes on the Titanic.

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