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Katy Choral Society  
Katy Choral Society will be sponsoring several trips this year to promote Choral Music in Katy ISD. These trips are designed to excite any singer involved in middle school choirs in Katy ISD. Mr. Leger teaches at Memorial Parkway J.H. and Mr. Sanders at Beck Jr. High. Students are incouraged to join their school choir and to enjoy the benefits of Katy Choral Society's special trips.

New York City -

Dear Friends,

This year the Katy Choral Society is going to take a few days in March to travel to New York City to see musicals, Statue of Liberty and much more. On September 11, our great nation has changed and the face of New York will never be the same. But we are still planning of makeing the trip successful for our kids  and the parents that are going on the trip.  If you have already signed up to take this trip remember to pay your last payments by the end of December to insure that there are no late charges. You have to pay the entire balance by 90 days prior to departure. We will leave on March 9 for four nights. We will be staying in a hotel in Newark and taking a charter bus each day into New York City. Two years ago it was so much fun. It was snowing the day we arrived. So this year you may want to plan on bringing very warm clothing. In January we will have a meeting with the Beck Students that are going as well to give final information. For those of us that traveled to New York and saw the World Trade Center it will be also a time of sorrow while we are there but I will be part of our living history, and you will be there! As we pack and prepare for our trip lets not forget the families and friends that were lost and the impact that this has had on our Nation.

Choir Camp -

We will be offering again this year a chance for anystudent with good behavor to attend Southwest Texas State University Choir Camp. That information will come in late Janurary or early February. This trip is usually in early July. Keep checking for an update.

Thank You,

Gary Leger
Katy Choral Society
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