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Aloha Seniors!  Have I told all of you just how happy I am that as a new teacher I was able to be your class advisor...I mean what a tough job...hanging out with the Seniors during all of my free time(and I do mean all of my free time)but it was definately worth it because I had a blast planning our class trip to Hawaii...This is awesome!! 

I am very proud of all of the Seniors.  They have worked well together all year long, raising tons of money $$$$$$ for prom, graduation and also a class trip.  Congratulations on a job well done!

To my English Students...Be good I will only be gone for one week.  I have updated the web site with new quizzes and games for extra credit...just print out your work and submit it to me next week.  Treat your sub with respect...I will be logging in to class frequently from my lap-top computer...so just remember I will be watching!

Monday:  Library Research for Hawaii Fun Facts Essay's

Tuesday:  In class writing lab;computer research

Wednesday:  Writing lab Continued...Peer Critiques of Rough     Drafts

Thursday:  Final copy of report due:  In class film

Friday:  Finish Film
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