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Pine Forest Elementary Room 103

For the week of October 22nd through the 26th, we will be reading a book entitled, MI HOGAR.  This book is about different homes animals have.  We will learn about a new punctuation mark, which is the guión.  The guión is the same as quotation marks.  We will also talk about the characters in the book, masculine and feminine nouns, and sequencing.

We will be learning the sounds of Qq, Zz, and Hh.  We will write these letters for handwriting practice. 

In writing, we will begin to write with adjectives and continue to learn about revision skills.

In math, we will continue to learn subtraction facts.  This week we are focusing on using a number line to help us count backwards to get the answer.

In science, we will finish talking about spiders.

Just a few reminders:
-Please send the books in the bags back on Friday.  If you need to keep them longer, please just let me know.
-Send a healthy snack daily with your child.
-Library checkout day is Tuesday.
-Collect boxtops and Campbell soup labels for the school.
-Friday is spirit/red shirt day.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.  If you have questions or concerns, please call me at (281) 641-2126.

Ms. Bowthorpe
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