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Welcome to our class webpage!  Listed below is what our class is currently doing.

Reading:  In reading class we are doing some fabulous things. We just finished The Kid Who Ran for President. A lot of students think it's a great book. We are reading about the "Plant Doctor," also known as George Washington Caver. We are really getting into learning about him.    Amy

Math:   This week in Mrs.Manisco's math class we learned about modes, means, ranges, and medians. We enjoyed learning about them and look forward to what is down the road. Next week someone will tell you about Mrs.Bradberry's math class, Mrs.Mazzochi's math class, or Mrs.Sager's math class.   Kristen

Social Studies:  In Social Studies we are studying Native Americans. We've already had a potlach that we put together ourselves (a social studies term meaning "a party honoring someone or something"). We've made totem poles, and we've also made up our own stories and translated them into Native American languages. Sioux, Comanche, Cherokee, Inca, Anasazi, and Maya are only a few types of Native American tribes we have studied. That is an up-to-date report on what's going on in Social Studies. Lisa

Science:   In science we are studying biomes. We study how they differ. We also experimented with snails. Most of the girls thought it was sick, but I thought it was interesting! George

Writing Workshop:  Writer's Workshop is cool! This month our class is doing personal narratives. Everyone is doing an essay about a time they'll always remember. There are good stories, and the class has good times. Mark did his story about finding a raccoon skull in Iowa. Writer's Workshop is a very fun subject. Carlos  

Websites of Interest:  www.timeforkids.com
This week's webmasters: Shannon and Matt
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