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Katy Elementary 5th Grade
Welcome to 5th grade.  Wow, one more year until junior high.  Can you believe it?  We truly look forward to a great, learning-filled year.
The FAST FACTS in fifth grade continues from September to April. Students receive a calendar which is to be initialed every night. Suggested games are listed on the back of the calendar. Encourage your child to continue practicing their facts.  Students are working on their estimation skills, place value, and decimals. In the next weeks students are ordering decimals and adding and subtracting decimals.
In Science, students are learning about the scientific process and how to apply it. Please encourage your student to study their notes. Offer opportunities to practice applying the scientific method. The first six weeks emphasizes matter and energy, and continues second six weeks. During this time, different forms of energy, renewable and nonrenewable resources, and conservation are stressed.
D.A.R.E. has successfully begun for the 2001-2002 school year. The program lasts one semester. Officer Shrum returns to teach K.E. students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. A graduation ceremony will be hosted in January.
Language Arts teachers are working with the students to improve their grammar and mechanics. Editing and revision skills are important as the students work toward constructing a research paper in the spring. Please allow your child to see you engaged in the writing process. Share your writing with your student. Encourage editing and revising. Offer every child the opportunity to see editing and revising as natural parts of the writing process.
The students are building their vocabularies by using a word’s context, identifying its prefixes or suffixes, and finding its definition in dictionaries or glossaries. Many social studies terms are becoming part of your student’s vocabulary as we continue to integrate Social Studies with our Language Arts curriculum. The focus for this part of the year is Colonial America. Discussions about the Original 13 Colonies and the possible causes for the American Revolution are topics being discussed in 5th grade Reading and Social Studies classes.
The fifth grade teachers thank you for your support.
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