keepatreading Ms.June
  Reading and writing instructor
Hi, I am hear to help you learn to read and understand your reading. I am also here to help with writing. I will give you hints that will help in your reading and writing, I will also make games for you to play that will inprove your reading and writing skills. My first hint is, KEEP READING AND WRITING! If you keep reading and writing you will get better at it and like it more.
If you are to good for small books but chapter books are a real chalange try first steping stone books. A few frist steping stone books are Boxcar Children, Babysitter Little Sister, and alot of others.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Jumdled Statments
You need to know how to unjumdl words.
Reading Opasites
This is a game for beginers
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