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Katy Elementary Kindergarten/Pre-K
We certainly hope you had a great holiday and made the most of your time off from school.  During the 4th six weeks we will be working on the letters Kk, Gg, Ee, Bb, Hh and wh.  Work at home on the sight words;  for, he, she, has, and with.  In math, we will be practicing counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s as well as counting to 100 by 1’s and by 10’s.  We will be introducing the fractions, whole and half.  We will discuss ordinal placement (first to tenth).  And finally we will begin a unit on time (to the hour - one o’clock etc.).    In science, we will be observing changes in winter and the importance of dental health.  Discuss with your child the changes in the trees around your neighborhood.   We will also be identifying parts of objects.  The study of objects will be integrated with  our Social Studies unit of Community Helpers and their tools.
A big day is coming on January 25th.  It is our 100th day of school.  Watch for notes about how you can help.  It’s a great day to come and be a part of this special celebration.  That we have been “counting on” since our first day of school.

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