kellar Sarah
Welcome To My Page.....

about me: well as most of ya know im Sarah .My age is 13. My B-Day is December 6th so get me something!!

Im a green belt in karate. My favorite book is Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone and Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets. I'm in 7th grade. I got two brothers Jim and Greg and a mom and dad. I also have a guinea pig named Herman,a dog named Tyrus,and a frog named ali!!!!!

Well thats all about me bye!

other hobbies: music,softball, aol,just hanging around,I also like to go to the movies (Helen) and to the mall  (Vicky & Helen)I luv to listen to music.My favorite team in baseball is Yanks!!!!Going to townn (Amber)

I'm a student boring :(

I also like going to chat rooms (Karen)

I love talkin on the phone with my friends and my cousins!!!

Bands:Blink-182,Korn,LimpBizkit,Hanson,Sugar Ray,Third Eye Blind

Singers:Pink,DMX,Jordan Night,Mandy More,Brittay Spears,Janet Jackson,Eminem,Christina Aguleria,Jessica Simpson,Sisqo,Aaliyah,Vitamin C.

Groups:Nsync,BSB,98 degrese,TLC,Destiny's Child,LFO,Blaque

my buds are...


















~* Lauren*~

I gotta say hi to all my friends at Karate: Kara,Dane,Josh,Tray,Richard,Breana,Nicole,Eric,Avia,Matt,
Steven,Sam and if i forgot ya sry!

and anyone i forget sry!

I also gotta say heya to all my cousins:Brittany,Lea,Andrew,Justin,Nina,Kevin,Katlyn,Kyle,
and of corse SAMMY my best cuz!!

I also have many inside jokes....
Not a problem (lol Reenie)
Look at the cute bunny(lol Karen)
Go Pikapooch(lol Reenie)
Hey were're stupid but it juat doesn't matter (lol Reenie)
We're the insane sisters (lol Karen)
Look It's The Disco Aliens (lol Eliza)
Britt luvs Mr. Fartsalot ( lol Sam my cousin)

About My Site:My Site will change whenever I feel like it!!
Also if you know any cool websites tell me and i'll put them on!!!
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