kennedyncchm111 Coach Kennedy
North Cobb High School Chemistry 111 - Honors
* This class operates on the point system. An approximate breakdown of the grades assigned in this class will be handed out during the first week of class.


* NO FOOD, DRINK, OR GUM.  This is a Laboratory class, and we will be working with substances that you do not want to ingest. Do not even bring it to my class––it will be confiscated and detentions may be assigned. No exceptions!

* I TEACH BELL TO BELL. Be seated when the bell rings at the beginning, and stay seated until I DISMISS YOU at the end of the period.  Use the drinking fountain, bathroom, etc. before you come to class.

* COME TO CLASS PREPARED.  Bring everything you might need for class with you: notebook, pencils, pens, calculator, textbook, etc.  Each student will receive only four (4) hall passes to be used during the semester.  

* PARTICIPATE. It is expected that you will complete all assignments, and engage in class discussions and problem solving sessions.

* IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO COME TALK TO ME!! I will be available before school with prior notice.

* HOMEWORK IS DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE PERIOD.  Late work will not be accepted if you are in school.  If you are absent (with an excuse), you will have the same number of days to make up missed work as you were absent.

* IF YOU  NEED TO MAKE UP WORK, I WILL NOT COME FIND YOU. It is your responsibility to get your missed assignments and to schedule time to make up a test.  If you are absent the day an assignment is due or an announced quiz/test is given,  you should be prepared to turn in the assignment or take the test/quiz the day you return to school.

* This class involves a lot of math, and a calculator that performs scientific notation is  required to facilitate your learning.  No calculators will be provided for students by the teacher.
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